we only come out at night

my bf fell asleep with his hand on my boob and i just caught my own hand on my other boob

Anonymous: How were you emotionally abused. Boys are horrible ffs

he was basically using me for over a year and tricked me into thinking he loved me, while he was fucking everyone else, and made me accept it to the point where i cheated, i felt so bad and for the rest of the relationship i took the blame for everything. he was manipulating me to the point where i started pushing away friends and family to be with him, he was guilt tripping me all the time, whenever we broke up he’d get SO mad because things weren’t going his way, then he’d crawl back, or the opposite way. he was always trying to make me jealous with other girls, if i reblogged a photo of a guy on tumblr he would accuse me of cheating. when i left him for good he had been seeing his ex for a few months, she thought i was a crazy ex trying to get him back and i thought the same about her (because he made us believe it).

ok this was long but seriously if someone ever treats you like this (or just parts of it) PLEASE be strong and walk away from it because you are so much better!!!

Anonymous: my boyfriend and I have been having problems for quite some time but for about 3 months we've been steady & extremely happy. He's been their for me during the time of my dad's death that is what caused me to break up w him..he never gave up on me, and we've been ok and i've been relying on him a lot. I've actually become so dependant on him but now my head is spinning round bc I saw pictures of him at a restaurant+movie with a girl who he claims is his friend but i've never even heard of her?

i’m so sorry that you lost your father, i hope you’re okay!! and the fact that your boyfriend helped you through it and never gave up on you shows him that he cares, but have you really talked to him after seeing these pictures? and has he been acting different in any way? i mean she COULD be a friend of course, but if that’s not the case please don’t spend more time on someone that’ll waste your time like that, because you truly deserve someone better you lil angel πŸ’•

Anonymous: What made you finally leave your ex? I'm going through the same thing.

omg i’m so sorry…. and honestly there were a lot of reasons but at the end i realised the crazy passionate great love i thought we had was a lie and i refused to lose myself to someone who didn’t even respect me enough to tell me he was back with his ex. he was bad for me, he turned me into a bad person, he failed to make me happy and so i decided to let go. i broke things off, blocked him everywhere. and please if you do decide to leave him, don’t let him talk to you, be around people that makes you happy, talk about it if you feel like (talk to me if you want!!!), put yourself first for once, and honestly learn to love yourself and realise you are better!!!

Anonymous: from all the posts we see. He seems like he adores you ur bf right now and you are my relationship goals πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

omg aw you are the sweetest ilu!!

my babies ft creepy hand

i got cheated on and emotionally abused by my ex for so long i’m still having trouble trusting my bf no matter how much i love him and try to trust him i feel so bad


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ok i need this


U ever wish u were Mysterious but u can’t stop talking about urself

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